Introducing Jamie Soles

Jamie Soles is a Christian singer/songwriter from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada with several albums to his credit. He is married to Valerie, and they have only eight children. Jamie is the chief musician at Christ Covenant Church Grande Prairie, Alberta (pursuing membership in the CREC), serves on the church council, and is under the authority of the church council. Jamie’s music is difficult to categorize. His kid’s music, for which he is best known, is serious-minded fun, and loved by all ages for its ability to open up Bible stories and lists and make them accessible. His adult recordings are full of the Psalms and other Scriptures. His music styles range so widely that one may be most accurate to say that he is developing his own genre. Call it Bible Music.

If you love how the whole Bible testifies of Jesus, you will love this music!


“To all the Soles Family singers (and the non-Soles, too!), I, my husband, and our children have been gulping deep draughts of Sole music daily over the past month or so and wanted to send you a thanks!!! We are being blessed through your faith-full and joy-filled music and hope to see you continue in this good work.” – John and Jamey (Seaside, CA)

“Our girls rediscovered the Way My Story Goes CD today and have been enjoying it all day. I also heard your interview on St. Annes Public House recently which reminded me to check for your new album. Keep up the great work and may the Lord bless your ministry.” – Steve Kellam (Vinton, VA)