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All Right With Me

The culmination of six years together as a band, All Right With Me by Damascus Road represents their best recorded work.

With lead vocals and primary songwriting provided by Jamie Soles and John Raschke, All Right With Me combines thoughtful lyrics and power quartet musicianship. A fine recording.

The band:

  • Jamie Soles: rhythm guitar, lead vocals, vocals
  • John Raschke: lead guitar, lead vocals, vocals
  • Larry Robideau: drums, vocals
  • Stephen Soles: bass guitar, vocals

Note that All Right With Me was never released on CD. Given that cassettes are obsolete, the album is now available only as a digital download.

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Sorry, unavailable on CD

Free to Be

© Jamie Soles May 23 1990


Set me free to be what I need to be
Cause there’s a higher calling got a hold on me
I dare not stay here where I’ve already been
I need to be faithful, I need to be faithful
Set me free to be what I need to be
Cause there’s a higher calling got a hold on me
I dare not stay here where I’ve always been
I need to be faithful, I need to be faithful

I need to struggle, I need to fight
I need to know what’s wrong and to do what’s right
I need my wits about me, need to use my mind
If I’m gonna be faithful
I need a vision, I need to see
I need the wind of heaven blowing over me
I need a world of wisdom in a world that’s real
I need a hand to hold and a heart to feel

Set me free to be what I need to be
Cause there’s a higher calling got a hold on me
I dare not stay here where I’ve already been
I need to be faithful, I need to be faithful
Set me free to be what I need to be
Cause there’s a higher calling got a hold on me
I dare not stay here where I’ve always been
I need to be faithful, I need to obey

Don’t need a critic, don’t need a crutch
And a whispered rumor doesn’t help too much
I need your affirmation, and extended hand
I need some real firm footing in this shifting sand
So put your arm around me if you really care
We’ll give a great big shake to the world out there
Don’t want to wait much longer and waste my youth
So sharpen my weapons and tell me the truth

Set me free....

Far Away

© Jamie Soles Aug 1 1988


I am not interested in your words
Unless they lead you into action
I am not moved by what you say
If you don’t believe it anyway
I am not blinded by your lies
I am not fooled by your disguise
Take away your empty sacrifice
I have no regard for these
And take away the noise of your songs
Cause I refuse to listen
But let justice roll, roll like a river
And righteousness like a never failing stream

If you will honor Me
I will honor you
Not only what you say
but in all that you do
For more than all you give me,
I want you to obey
But how can you honor Me
When your heart is far away

I am not interested in your faith
Unless you show me works to prove it
And I’m not interested in your works
Unless your faith is there to move it
For I desire a heart that is broken
That’s ready and willing to be used

If you will honor Me....

Psalm 91

© John Raschke 1988


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will live in the shadow of Shaddai
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
He is my God in whom I trust.”

Surely He will keep you from the fowler’s snare
And from the deadly pestilence
He will cover your head with His feathers
And under His wings you will find refuge

His faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart
You will not fear the terror of night
Nor the arrows
Nor the pestilence
Nor the plague that destroys at noonday light

In this life we try to find piece of mind
Through the evil in disguise
Teach us Lord to number our days
And to always seek Your ways
For You have built inside of us a holy place
Full of truth and full of grace

His faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart....


© Jamie Soles Aug 5 1989


How many times have I said I’d let You lead
Then turned and done the things I pleased
So far from where I need to be
So far from where I long to be
Hard to believe, You see the way You see
Through the clouds of sin
You see the willing part of me
And though it’s hard for me to see
I’m close to where I need to be

In the presence of the Lord
In the presence of the Lord

Oh the price Your grace has cost You
Buying back a world that lost You
Your blood has made a mighty fountain
Falling down like rain
In that blood I find forgiveness
Strength to take my life and live it
To dignify my broken spirit
Falling down like rain
Like rain, rain, rain
Falling down like rain

Hard Man to Reach

© Jamie Soles Aug 5 1989


I know a man, selfish as can be
Nobody can show him what he doesn’t want to see
He knows what he believes and believes that he is right
And he stumbles firmly forward in a blaze of darkened light

You can ask him how he feels
and he’ll tell you that he’s fine
But he’s laying down a smokescreen
that will misdirect your mind
He wears a righteous face,
but it hides a selfish heart
And though he should know better
He’s a victim of the dark,
and he’s a…

Hard man to reach
Hard man to reach
When the heart grows too hard to teach
You’re a hard man to reach

Mercy near escapes him,
his heart is filled with pride
He fights a lot of battles
with the self he crucified
He wins and sometimes loses
even though his faith is strong
And he knows there’s something better,
and he longs
He’s not so different
from the way that you might be
He struggles with the flesh
although his soul has been set free
I suffer with his feelings
and I understand his plight
Cause I walk with him in daylight
And I sleep with him at night,
and he’s a…

Hard man to reach....

Where the River Runs

© Jamie Soles Jan 1 1989


I’d rather be where the river runs
Than standing thirsty on the shore
I’d rather ride upon the flood
Than be mired in the mud
Human complacency tells me to stay
Why bother to open the door
But I am refreshed by the moving of God
And my spirit is hungry for more

I want to go, I want to go
Every way He leads me I want to know
I want to be, I want to be
Everything that Jesus wants me to be

I get confused by what is truth and what is lies
I lose perspective in the dark
My darkened heart deceives my mind
Hindered from service and bonded to sin
The slave of the thoughts in my head
But freedom is near and the message is clear
That I live when I reckon it dead

I want to go....

No Confidence

© Jamie Soles Oct 28 1988


I don’t care about making lots of money
Cause there are many things that money can’t buy
And when you’re walking in shifting sand
Sooner or later you’re gonna slide
I’ll plant my feet on a firm foundation
I’m standing on the solid rock

I don’t care about being famous
Cause I’m not living for the praises of men
There’s so much danger in recognition
Don’t wanna let it go to my head
I’ll lift my voice, “to God be the glory!”
Save your praise for Him

No confidence in the world
The arm of flesh will fail me
I put my trust in my Creator
I will put no confidence in me

Our generation tries to stand on its own now
Enjoy the pleasures of an evil age
But when facades and illusions come down
Our freedom leaves us bound in chains
When will we learn our own condition
When will we see we’re doomed to fail
Take a look and change position
Jesus will prevail, He’ll prevail,
with no no no no no no no no

No confidence in the world....

Set the Children Free

© Jamie Soles Mar 3 1988


If my tears could make you change your mind
I’d cry my life away
And if my words could turn your heart around
Then I would talk all day
Does selfishness hold too great of a price
Though a life is on the line
I only wish you’d listen to your heart
And leave your pride behind

The little one is innocent of wrong
He has no price to pay
Why make him the victim of a crime
In which he had no say
Do we have a right to take his life away
Little eyes may never see the sun
Little ones are precious in the sight of God above
And we will account for things that we have done

All of heaven cries for a little one who dies
I will pray for you, that you would not take part in this
Cause all of heaven weeps, the devil plays for keeps
Let us sound the plea to set the children free

Why is your heart so badly hardened
You can’t explain the truth away
Though for awhile you may be pardoned
Yet in the end you’ll have to pay
Cause it’s not right to persecute the helpless
And it’s not right to look the other way
You write the tune, you face the music
It won’t go away, it won’t go away

All of heaven cries....


© Jamie Soles May 2 1989


Is there a river too wide to cross
That leaves you trembling when you count the cost
One way to fight it, one way to win
Put on your armor and walk right in
And the hand of God will be with you

Is there a sorrow too deep to heal
That cuts and burns till you don’t know how to feel
All alone in your plight
Reach for the Savior and hold on tight
And He’ll be bringing comfort soon

Remember the cross
Remember the shame
Remember the suffering
And remember, remember His Name
He did it for you
He did it for you

He is the key that unlocks the door
The joy of living you’ve been waiting for
The deepest hunger asks for nothing more
And there’s no greater freedom
Than to know that you can leave it to the Lord
There’s no greater freedom
Than to know that you can leave it to the Lord

All Right With Me

© Jamie Soles Aug 29 1989


If there is hope for the future
If there is help for the past
If one can reclaim lost innocence
And break the chains at last
If every moment of regret
Can be swept beneath the tide
I will walk upon that shore
And it’s all right with me

If there is another world
In a place beyond the eye
Where the weary heart can go
Where the love will never die
Where the poor man need not beg
Where the hungry shall be fed
I will take the road that leads me there
And it’s all right with me

And if the clouds should hide You
And Your face appear as stone
Should my house be empty
Should the cold wind chill my bones
I will not fear, I will not fear
I will not fear for You are with me

When the sun comes into view
And the night has burned away
I will gaze upon that hill
Where my debt was paid that day
When I breathe the morning air
No delusions will be there
I will be free
And it’s all right, all right with me
Yeah it’s all right, all right with me

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