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Over the Line

Over the Line is arguably the best of Jamie’s early albums. It is skillfully played and demonstrates strong vocal range as well as solid squarely Bible-based songwriting. It has also “aged well”, sounding as fresh today as it did in the early 1990s.

Note that Over the Line was a cassette product never released on CD. Given that cassettes are obsolete, for a number of years the album has been available only as a digital download.

The digital files have been renewed for 2020! (December 27, 2019) We generated better quality source files and the sound is better than ever. (If you have purchased this download previously, please contact us and request a new download link.) A CD version will finally be available based on these files — coming soon!

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Sorry, unavailable on CD

26 Things

© Jamie Soles Aug 16 1990


I don’t believe in magic, don’t believe in fate
I don’t believe that I have to eat everything that’s on my plate
I don’t believe in Batman, don’t believe you can fall in love
I don’t believe that I’m here for nothing,
I don’t believe in lady luck
But I believe in the hand of the One who made me
I believe in the power of the blood of the Son of God

I don’t believe in karma, don’t believe in horoscopes
I don’t believe in euthanasia or in legalizing dope
I don’t believe in my divinity and I don’t believe in yours
I don’t believe in a welfare government
or a church that wields a sword
But I believe in the Holy Spirit
I believe in the power of the blood of the Son of God

I don’t believe there are neutral zones in the realm of morality
I don’t believe that a man can live and escape responsibility
I don’t believe in human justice, I don’t believe in human love
I don’t believe that I can do it without help from up above
I don’t believe it
I don’t believe in a communist, I don’t believe in the New Age
I don’t believe in a bureaucrat, I don’t believe in the latest rage
I don’t believe that politics will make a better world
I don’t believe in revolution, I’ve got all the time in the world
But I believe in a love that will change it all
I believe in the power of the blood of the Son of God
I believe in the power of the blood of the Son of God
I believe in the power of the blood of the Son of God

Adam and Sons

© Jamie Soles Jul 21 1991


Here I am
In all my faded glory now I walk the land
I am clothed in the rags that once were riches in my hand
And no-one has to tell me
I am wise enough to know
That in the howling wilderness
The fruit of sorrow grows

Once I prayed
And held my head up high against the storm
And no defeat could shake me
When I had the light of love to keep me warm
But somewhere in the valley of decisions I have made
The sacrifice of wisdom left the piper to be paid

Now my back’s against the wall again
I stand to lose it all again
Have mercy if I fall again
For who can say

Tell me it’s not so, tell me it’s not true
Wake me up from my delusions to the truth that I once knew
For I am hanging in the balance in this wilderness of choice
And reality escapes me like the wind

Now my back's against the wall again....


© Jamie Soles Dec 29 1990


Close your eyes when you see your brother stumble
Beat him down when he tries to rise
You can watch your nation's foundations crumble
And see it fall before your eyes
Close your heart when you see your sister crying
Don’t give an inch when she comes to you
Touch the pulse of a society that’s dying
When we run out of mercy the judgement comes due
Judgement comes due

Will we be delivered from the trouble we bring
When we exalt ourselves over everything
We can be our own jury, but it don’t mean a thing
And it won’t escape the judgement
Won’t escape the judgement of God

Turn your head when they bow down to their idols
Keep your own safely out of sight
Tell yourself that you’ve got no need to worry
Things will still be alright
Peace, peace, but there is no peace
As we watch our sin increase
We justify, falsify, twist the truth into a lie
Oppress the poor, keep a score
Hate the rich but wanting more
Envy is the highest order, mercy lies beneath our feet
Justice has become an idol, licence is the law we keep
Truth, like all the rest; REJECTED!
We are captains of our fate
Can we keep this thing from sinking in our present state

Man of Dust

© Jamie Soles Dec 17 1988


It’s hard to understand the turning of my heart
To walk away from You
I want to do what’s right
But still I turn and do what I don’t want to do
And I’m not alone
There’s many others like me in this world
Who carry the load
Afflicted by the evil in their soul

Pleasure for a time, but bitter is the taste
That my sin leaves behind
Lying torn and twisted
Perception cannot tell what is wrong or right

Dizzy from the battle
Wondering if I’ve lost or if I’ve gained
But You’re the only measure
And I’m glad you know the truth
I’m just a man of dust who bears Your Name

White Dove

© Jamie Soles Feb 3 1991


Marching by in double time
Raging like a wild sea
It’s easy to get lost inside
And wander aimlessly
At times it seems invincible
A tyrant never satisfied
A wicked wind without a heart
To crush our dreams before they start

I saw you standing by the road
Your back was bent beneath the load
Lay it down and let it go
And leave it here my friend
Your days are held in heaven above
Your hours are sheltered in God’s love
And there will always be enough
To do what He commands

So leave your heavy load today
Let your sorrows fall away
Watch the white dove wing away
And lead toward the sun
Watch the white dove wing away
And lose it in the sun

Thy Kingdom Come

© Jamie Soles Aug 30 1991


When will we lay down our weapons
When will we stop waging war
Will we continue in the shedding of blood
Till we can bleed no more
Will we take our revolution to the corners of the earth
With a missile and a bullet and an angry word
Will we ever learn

In the palaces of power things are really in a stew
For it seems that the innocent pay no matter what they do
But it’s not in legislation where we gain real ground
In the houses of the holy the remedy is found
Spirit of God, fall down
When the Lord of all the earth is exalted in the nations
We will know lasting peace

His reign will be from shore to shore
From sea to sea, forevermore
And we His sons will break our guns
And melt our swords, Thy kingdom come
Thy kingdom come

There’s a day that’s surely coming, like the rising of the sun
When all the people of the world will flow
To the mountain of the Holy One
When the men of every nation beat their weapons into tools
And every man loves his neighbor, like he ought to do
We will not hurt or destroy in all Your holy mountain
For the earth will be full of the knowledge of You
As the waters cover the sea

Your reign will be....

Over the Line

© Jamie Soles Mar 31 1989


Take me out where I’ve never been
Take me one step over the line
And watch me close, if I sink or swim
When I’m one step over the line
I fear to fall behind
Can I keep time one step over the line

I dance, round and round I go
In the face of the whirlwind nobody knows where I’ll step
Let the music play, it will keep my spirits high
I move to find a place to stand
As though driven by an unseen hand
I fall to my knees
And find a place that’s safe to land
There’s nothing else I can do
I walk with You over the line
One step over the line

Three trees standing on the crest of a hill
Two lay silent but the one never will
He took me with Him when He took His fill
When He walked out over the line
He holds tomorrow in the palm of His hand
And all that I fear is under His command
And I believe He’d have me understand
He lives out over the line
He lives out over the line
He lives out over the line

I Dance Tonight

© Jamie Soles Nov 18 1989


In his mansion on the beach
Will he hear me if I preach
Jesus said it’s hard to reach a rich man
In the slums and city streets
People just like you and me
Crying out for liberty only God brings
They’re victims of their circumstance
Round and round the truth I dance tonight

Behind your door I hear you cry
But there’s no teardrops in my eyes
Maybe I don’t realize the pain you feel
A hungry child on my TV
See him reaching out to me
He’d hate me if he knew I shut him off so casually
He’s a victim of his circumstance
Round and round the truth I dance tonight
I check out without a glance
Round and round the truth I dance tonight

I am Yours, though lost and blind
In my eyes and in my mind
When I leave the truth behind

Don’t confront me with your need
I don’t like to see you bleed too much
In my heart I turn and run
Self has left my hand too cold to touch
You’re a victim of your circumstance
Round and round the truth I dance tonight
I check out without a glance
Round and round the truth I dance tonight

Hear Our Cry

© Jamie Soles Jan 15 1991


Lord we bear reproach
Our nation is covered with shame
We’ve refused to hear You
We’ve been quick to dishonor Your Name,
O Lord
Now our hands are red
From the innocent blood we’ve shed
Holy wrath our just reward
Guilt our closest friend
We deserve Your vengeance, O Lord, forgive

Hear our cry, O Lord we pray
Do not turn Your face away
Let mercy fall down like the rain
And wash our guilt away [3x]

For we are Your children
And we bear Your Name

Extra Mile

© Jamie Soles Nov 18 1990


On tablets of stone, the will of the Father
Written for all men everywhere
The standard for good, for justice and righteousness
Freedom and holiness, freedom from fear
On tablets of stone, the envy of everyone
Who has a law so plain and so clear?
We know where we stand, we know what’s required of us
Walking in faithfulness guided us here

But tablets of stone lay broken on our rocky ground
We hang our heads and ache for what we’ve done

On hearts made of flesh the work of the law we find
Inscripted and redesigned by Holy hands
And though we were dead we’ve been made alive again
Heaven has come to men, new life begins

But softened hearts lay broken on our rocky ground
We hang our heads and weep for what we’ve done

Through pain we reach the end of the line
Our aspirations have all been defiled
The law is broken but grace is defined
Jesus goes the extra mile, Jesus goes the extra mile

Jesus goes the extra mile
Jesus goes the extra mile
Jesus goes the extra mile
Jesus goes the extra mile

Covenant Song

© Jamie Soles Sept 1991


God of grace and mercy
I need to meet You here
To glory in Your presence, Lord
I come to draw near
For I am poor and needy
I need to see Your face
To fall upon Your mercy
to rest in Your grace

Teach me to abide in You
I need to abide in You
To sacrifice my pride to You
I want to abide in You

God of law and power
I bow my face to You
For You are great and holy Lord,
please show me what to do
For I am weak and weary
I need to know Your Word
To guide me and to keep me
unstained by the world

Lord I need to grow in You
How I need to grow in You
To discipline my soul in You
Lord I want to grow in You

God of all dominion
I lift my eyes to You
You rule above the nations
and draw all men to You
The harvest now is plenty
and I am called to speak
I shall do it gladly Lord,
Your covenant keep

Lord I must be sharing You
Help me to be sharing You
Giving all my life to You
I want to be sharing You

Teach me to abide in You
Lord I need to grow in You
Giving all my life to You
I want to be sharing You

Disciples’ Prayer

(Mt 6:9–13)
© Jamie Soles Oct 1990


God our Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive us Lord as we forgive
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from the evil one repeat

For Thine is the kingdom
The power and the glory
Forever and ever and ever [repeat 4x]
Amen, amen, amen

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